AVS CAR ALARM 5 Stars S5 Immobilisers/TILT SENSOR

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AVS Digital Tilt Sensor

Normal sensors like shock sensors will NOT protect the wheels so a tilt sensor is an essential upgrade if you have mags.
The AVS digital tilt sensor will also trigger the alarm if your car is lifted by a tow truck.The AVS digital tilt sensor sets itself to the angle you are parked on when you arm the alarm. If the car is tilted in ANY direction from one degree it triggers the alarm. The sensor is fully digital and contains extensive anti-falsing circuitory.

Three automatic immobilisers
For maximum security fuel pump, ignition system and starter motor immobiliser cuts (where possible) are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off or when the alarm is armed.

Intelligent glass break sensor
Detects the sound frequency of breaking glass. It will only trigger the alarm if the shock sensor also picks up an impact. This reduces false alarms.

Intelligent dual stage shock sensor
It gives a warning on a light impact and a full alarm on a heavy impact to the vehicle. It can distinguish between environmental shocks such as trucks or aircraft and a thief attempting to break in. It will auto adjust its sensitivity for the environment on arming.

Data battery back-up siren
A self powered siren that communicates independently with the alarm so it cannot be fooled into turning off like normal battery back-up sirens.

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