AVS Car Alarm 4 Stars A4 w/ Immobilisers – DEAL

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Please note that Instruction manual is not supply with AVS ALARM.
It is for dealer use only and are not available for public distribution.
Buyer will need to find an authorized installer for installation and instruction
manual will not be provided in any circumstances

Alarm features:
Single stage shock sensor
A single stage shock sensor helps protect the body and cabin of the car by giving triggering the alarm if an impact is detected to the body of the vehicle.
Two automatic immobilisers
Starter motor and ignition system or fuel pump immobiliser cuts are made so the car cannot be started unless it is disarmed via the remote. The system will immobilise 40 seconds after the ignition is turned off or when the alarm is armed.
Data battery back-up siren
A self powered siren that communicates independently with the alarm so it cannot be fooled into turning off like normal battery back-up sirens.
Turbo timer functions*
The AVS A4 is designed specifically to work with turbo vehicles. It has two turbo timer options to choose from.
Door, bonnet and boot protection

NEW Courier function*
Courier function allows the engine to continue running indefinitely while the system is armed. If the alarm is triggered during this time the car will shut down and the alarm will sound.
Central locking from the remote*
The alarm will lock/unlock the doors when the alarm is armed/disarmed.
Two rolling code waterproof remotes
(If you are not using your car’s factory key to operate the alarm)
Hyper blue LED warning light
Compatible with all AVS accessories and sensors

Three year warranty

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