SONY XM-N1004 4-Ch stereo Amplifier Automatic Thermal Control 1000W XPLOD

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SONY – (XM-N1004) 4-Ch Amplifier Automatic Thermal Control 1000W XPLOD

Horsepower for your sound system
Driving is always more fun when you’ve got your favourite music pumping. A 1000W high power amplifier delivers cleaner sound to the speakers for enhanced listening.

Power up your ride
Crank out the tunes while you drive with 1000 Watts from the high power amplifier.

Stays chilled without shutting down
Some amps just shut down when they overheat, but Automatic Thermal Control lowers the amp’s output so that you can keep listening while air circulates inside it.

Separate the highs and lows
High and Low Pass Filters send frequencies to the right speakers.

Cea Power Output 70W x 4
CEA SN Ratio 93dBA
Mosfet Power Supply
Subsonic High Pass Filter 12dB/oct
Line In: Input Sensitivity 0.3-6
Gold Plated Connectors
Current Drain (A) – Rated Output Power At 4 Ohm 36
Flexible installation
Single sided connections give you multiple mounting options
1000W high power output
70W x 4 (4 ohms), 85W x 4 (2 ohms), 175W x 2 (BTL)
Automatic Thermal Control
Low pass filter and high pass filter
Single sided connections
Channel Configuration 4ch;3ch;2ch
High Pass Filter 80Hz
Slope : High Pass Filter 12dB/oct
Low Pass Filter 80Hz
Slope : Low Pass Filter 18dB/oct
Rated Output Power, RMS 20 – 20000 Hz
Max. Channel Configuration At 4 Ohm (W) / Thd (%) 70W x 4 / 1.0%
Max. Channel Configuration At 2 Ohm (W) / Thd (%) 85W x 4 / 1.0%
Maximum Output Power (1 kHz)
Max. Channel Power Configuration At 4 Ohm 4 x 170W
Max. Channel Configuration At 4 Ohm Btl 2 x 500W
Max. Channel Power Configuration At 2 Ohm 4 x 250W
General Features
Frequency Response 5 – 50 kHz
Tolerance +0/-3dB
Signal To Noise Ratio 100dB
Total Harmonic Distortion At 1 Khz (%) 0.05

*** Installation ***
We provide installation services, please ask for a free quote.

***Three Years RTB Warranty***

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